Casual Films 10th Anniversary

This year, our friends over at Casual Films are turning ten. That’s a long time, especially to a young company like ours.

Although we’ve only been involved in the more recent pages of the Casual story, we’ve enjoyed working together on lots of great projects for people like Samsung, Canon and Specsavers – some of which we’ve even won some awards for (Best Music at the Cannes Corporate Film Festival 2015 and Gold Medal for Original Music at the New York Film Festival 2016).

Beyond working together, we’ve become great mates – and it’s fair to say that Sounds Like These owes a lot to the Casual team for all their support and guidance over the past few years. Special thanks goes to Guy Hixon and head honchos Nick Francis and Barnaby Cook.

Congratulations guys, here’s to the next ten!

Check out some of the lovely films we’ve worked on together below.